Airbrush Compressors



Unbeatable value!


Compressor AS18(2) With Free Gift set worth £20.34

This airbrush compressor is an ideal purchase for the budding airbrush enthusiast with plenty of power onboard from a powerful piston motor that will deliver clean air on demand, low noise level 50db together with an airbrush can be used in craft work spraying, fine art, cosmetics, spray tanning, body art, nail art, temporary tattoo work, custom car spraying art & murals, motorcycle tanks, helmets, military, scale model spraying, t shirt spraying, fabric, leather, cake decorating and general airbrushing. Complete with air pressure gauge, air filter, pressure adjustable. Airbrush & air hose purchased separately.
Product name: Airbrush compressor (Oil-free)
Type: AS18(2)


·Portable & lightweight
·Thermally protected
·Low noise
·Auto stop


 Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
Power: 1/6 HP
Voltage: 220-240V / 50HZ

Air output per min/litres: 23L/min
Auto stop, start at 30 psi, stop at 57 psi
Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter
Connections: with connection 1/8' BSP
Net Weight: 3.6KG
Dimension: 245X135X170mm

Certificate: CE, GS, ETL, CETL, ROHS




Compressor AS06 + Airhose BD-24 & Airbrush BD-133 Kit

Product name: Portable air compressor /

Mini air compressor (Oil-free)
Type: AS06
· Portable & lightweight.
· Membrane compressor
· Low noise.
· High air flow.
Type: Membrane Compressor
Power: 1/4 HP
Voltage: 220-240V / 50HZ

Maximum pressure: 3.5bar(50PSI)
Air output per min./litres: 68L/min
Connctions: with connection 1/4'' BSP
Net Weight: 4.5KG
Dimension: 250X125X170mm

Certificate: CE




Airbrush Pro series BD-133 with suction feed and advanced double action trigger to activate and control the air and paint mixture. Designed for comfort and built for optimum quality.

The BD-133 is a professional airbrush and will work to fine lines of less than 1mm with outstanding results from graphic design work through to custom car artwork.

Body length 150mm, Nozzle dia 0.3mm, Working pressure 15-50 psi, 1 x Bottle 22cc,

Air hose 1.8 metre length


Unbeatable value!

Airbrush Compressors

Airbrush Pro's range of airbrush compressors comprises of the following models AS176, AS179, AS18(2), AS18A, AS18C, AS196, AH28AK, AS186A & AS186 all of which are all oil less piston type compressors.  Airbrush Pro's compressors are ultra quiet with a db rating of less than 55 and include a fully adjustable pressure regulator gauge with moisture filter.  Designed in a lightweight aluminium and steel construction with rubber feet with built in carry handle, easy to transport and are supplied by leading airbrush compressor manufacturers.  Airbrush Pro have available an airbrush compressor kit which is ideally suitable for both the beginner and the professional. All our compressors are an excellent alternative to purchasing propellent cans for your airbrush. All airbrushes operate with compressed air which is usually supplied via a compressor, air compressor ratings include the pressure supplied via the airbrush compressor which is measured in (PSI) 'Pound Per Square Inch'  The reference to air volume produced via the compressor is measured by (CFM) Cubic Feet per minute or litres per minute. The most suitable compressors for airbrush use need to adhere to basic requirements, oil free, moisture and dust free at the point of output to the airbrush. Mini airbrush compressors from our airbrush compressor suppliers meet these requirements.


Air pressure regulators

These devices are used to reduce or increase air pressure (PSI) to the air output. Compressed air may be held in the compressor's receiver (Tank) or may be supplied from a direct drive piston or diaphragm. The air output is controlled by the user by adjusting the air pressure regulator to a specific (PSI) setting for use with the airbrush.


Air regulator filter

The prime objective of the filter within the air pressure regulator is to remove moisture and contaminants before it reaches the air output. The now clean air is then forced forward down the air hose towards the airbrush. The transparent filter bowl of the regulator will hold the moisture trapped from the compressed air. After a short time water will settle in the bottom of the regulator filter bowl and may build up quickly, it makes  for good standard practice to expel the water as quickly as possible. This is usually done by pressing upwards a spring release valve at the bottom of the filter bowl to release the trapped water.


Draining the airbrush compressor tank

Many airbrush compressors will not have an air tank, however all compressors that do have air tanks will be fitted with a drain valve. You will find this valve at the lowest part of the compressor's tank. Gravity will help the water that condenses inside the tank flow to the lowest part. Prior to removing the drain valve its not a bad idea to wear rubber gloves and place a large open tray under the tank to catch the discoloured water. Now with the compressor switched off and any remaining pressure in the tank completely expelled, unscrew the drain valve all the way. The water will now drain from the tank into the open tray. Again, it makes for good standard practice to drain the tank as often as possible, remember as soon as you use your compressor you have water in the tank. If you don't drain the tank the chances are it will start rusting the tank from the inside.


Airbrush compressor horsepower

In short your compressor's horsepower rating is a measurement of the power of the compressors motor. Most small airbrush compressors will usually range from 1/6 to 1/4 horsepower. This information is usually found in your compressor's manual.


Bar (unit)

The bar is a unit of pressure and is often read in compressor technical data. Examples of conversions between Bar & PSI are 3 Bar equals 43.5 (PSI)  and 4 Bar equals 58 (PSI)