Airbrush Dvds


Richard Markham Fire

Richard Markham Fire Dvd

How to paint real Fire, Richard has put together an easy 3 step video for anyone, beginner to expert artist, to be able to now achieve realistic flames.

New updated Bonus footage. Now with a new colour mixer RED OXIDE  from Auto Air Colors plus Transparent White, Transparent Yellow & Reducer, you have the perfect fire colour setup. See our Auto Air paint range for your flame paint requirements.





Skull King 5 Set Dvd

 Huntington Beach Bodyworks Skull King Description
The Ultimate Airbrush 5-DVD Training Set Featuring the world's most Photographed Truck. "Skull King" with airbrush artist Terry Stephens and Painter/Owner Rich Evans.
This DVD covers preping,
sealing, priming,
block sanding,
base coat,
concept rendering,
design sizing,
image transfer,
precleano & tack cloth use,
bone/muscle texture,
shadow rendering,
creating light source,
chrome effects, erasing techniques,
masking and freehand techniques,
stipple texturing,
freehand skull stenciling,
character creations,
grayscale rendering,
clear coat, and installation.
Videographed by Jake Chacon, this DVD is 335 minutes. That's more than 5 1/2 hours of information and instruction.




Creating Killer Skulls


Creating Killer Skullz with Cross-Eyed

Just as the successful hunter knows how his prey thinks, the successful artist knows the anatomy of his subject. According to kustom master Cross-Eyed, "Out of hundreds of skulls I've seen painted on motorcycles, only about 2% were rendered correctly! Believe it or not, most artists attempt skulls without really having any clue what they look like." Creating Killer Skullz shows you how to make stock, modified, and hybrid skulls stand above the rest with form, dimension, shape, and personality. As a bonus, this presentation includes review of 12 examples of skull paintings.




Top Pro Stencil Techniques

  Top Pro Stencil Techniques (DVD)
"In custom painting,theres a simple, and true, rule of thumb: The faster you complete a job, the more money you&ll make. In the course of painting a dramatic evil skull, Cross-Eyed demonstrates everything you need to know about hand cutting stencils for faster execution of artwork, special f/x, flexibility, design accuracy, and precision.

51 minutes"






How To Begin Airbrushing

How to begin airbrushing with createx colours by Kent Lind