Airbrush Eraser kit

air eraser

BD-178 Air Eraser Kit

Please note these mini sand blasters require a substantial amount of air to work constant effectively. A suitable compressor would be the AS186 or AS196 twin motor.

The mini sandblaster air eraser is a versatile instrument that can erase colour errors and act as an etching tool. It is used by hobbyists and manufacturers to clean jewellery and fine parts, remove discolouration, rust and corrosion, etch glass or cut monograms. It is used by lithographers to highlight half-tones and erase defects without marring the surface or leaving a smudge. It is used extensively by model railroaders for weathering railcars and accessories.


Feed Type: Gravity
Nozzle Dia: 0.5mm
Cup Capacity: 15cc
AirHose: 1.8m
Working Pressure: 40-50psi

Mask & 150 grams of air eraser compound included in the kit, for external use only. use of respirator and goggles is recommended may be harmful by breathing dust avoid inhalation.